Transform Your Garden: A Guide to Elevating Your Outdoor Space with NAR Timber’s Landscaping Products

Transform Your Garden


Your garden is more than just a patch of green; it’s an extension of your home where memories are created. To help you turn your outdoor space into a haven of tranquillity, NAR Timber presents a diverse range of high-quality landscaping products. From Bow Feather Edge Panels to European Garden Panels, we have everything you need to give your garden a stunning makeover.

1. Creating Boundaries with Bow Feather Edge Panels:

Define your outdoor space elegantly with our Bow Feather Edge Panels. These sturdy and stylish panels not only provide privacy but also add a touch of sophistication to your garden. Available in various sizes, these panels are easy to install, making them a perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts.

2. Welcoming Entrance with Dome Feather Edge Gate:

Make a grand entrance to your garden with our Dome Feather Edge Gate. Crafted for durability and aesthetics, this gate adds charm to your property while ensuring security. Its timeless design complements any garden style, welcoming you and your guests with open arms.

3. European Elegance with Garden Panels (Model 1, 14, 38, 33, and more):

Explore the beauty of European garden aesthetics with our diverse range of garden panels. Whether you prefer the simplicity of Model 1 or the intricate design of Model 38, NAR Timber has the perfect panel to match your style. Enhance the visual appeal of your garden effortlessly.

4. Sturdy Support with Timber Posts and Cant Rails:

A strong foundation is key to any successful garden project. NAR Timber offers robust Timber Posts and 3m Cant Rails, ensuring stability for your fencing and landscaping endeavours. These pressure-treated brown options guarantee longevity, withstanding the test of time and weather.

5. Decorative Touch with European Trellis:

Add a touch of elegance to your garden with our European Trellis. Perfect for climbing plants and creating vertical interest, the trellis enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Let your garden bloom with a touch of European charm.

6. Essential Accessories – Capping Rails, Battons, and More:

Complete your fencing project with our range of essential accessories. From Capping Rails to Battons and Feather Edge Backing Rails, NAR Timber provides all the necessary components for a seamless installation. Our tanalised motorway rail ensures durability, even in challenging weather conditions.


With NAR Timber’s comprehensive range of landscaping products, transforming your garden into a picturesque retreat is easier than ever. Our high-quality timber ensures not only aesthetic appeal but also durability, making your outdoor space a place to relax and unwind. Explore our collection today and embark on a journey to create a garden that reflects your style and personality. Your dream garden awaits, courtesy of NAR Timber.